Home office during Coronavirus: tips and tools (a continuously updated list)

Companies around the world are telling their employees to work from home amid the coronavirus outbreak. How can I work at home in a concentrated manner, exchange with other team members and what can I do to combat loneliness? Here is a list of tips and tools for effective collaboration, which I am constantly expanding.

Konrad Weber


Wie arbeite ich zu Zeiten des Coronavirus effizient im Homeoffice? Eine Liste mit Tipps und Tools.
How do I work efficiently in the home office during the Coronavirus outbreak? (Source: Unsplash/Roberto Nickson)

Almost one in four employed persons in Switzerland works at least occasionally in a home office. In Germany in 2018, four out of ten companies offered their employees the opportunity to work from home. With the current efforts to combat the Coronavirus, this number could rise significantly in the coming days.

For many employees, this situation is one thing above all: new territory. For most of us, home is not associated with work. We want to enjoy our own four walls, especially for switching off after work. The situation is made more difficult by the fact that suddenly, with nationwide school closures, children are also competing for attention during working hours in the same cramped space. This makes it all the more important to follow a few tips.

Home office is unproductive — a fallacy

For the start, we’re going to put an end to a fallacy: Properly applied, home office can be even more productive than working at a regular workplace. At least that’s what a study by Standford University from 2013 says, which was confirmed in further research in 2018.

8 tips for efficient work in the home office

However, working at a distance also requires a higher degree of trust and communication. The following tips can make work in the home office and in remote teams easier.

1. Establish your routine