How to establish an innovation process in your media organisation in 80 days

Konrad Weber
8 min readMar 16, 2018

We just need enough good ideas, and then we will easily master the challenges of media change. I often encounter this fallacy when I visit media houses and talk to journalists about innovation in the industry. Whoever has a captivating idea is quickly regarded as innovative. Too often, innovation in the media sector is still a freestyle and not an obligation.

Constant change is the new constant, and it’s a constant feature of every industry conference. Therefore, it is now time to talk about institutionalised innovation processes in media companies.

Many myths surround innovation. Let us begin with the first classical myth:

«All you need is a convincing idea, and you’ll succeed!»

It may well be the case that one innovative idea will reorganise your own media company for the next few decades. But that’s what the right combination of numbers in gambling does — is that why I’m already a multimillionaire?

In many companies, innovation is in fact first and foremost a matter of chance. A lone warrior tries to achieve something with a good idea at the…